MBCPM TM (Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management) Level 1 course will start again in February 2019 for 13 weeks with Annie Hebert as facilitator.She  holds a certification Level 1 from NeuroNova Centre for Mindful Solutions. Referrals for local participants and from remote sites via Otn (Ontario Telemedicine Network) are welcome. One level 1 class will be delivered from Warren on Mondays starting February 11th from 1330 to 1545 for 13 weeks (excluding stat holidays)  and another Level 1 class will be starting February 14th Thursdays from 1300 to 1515 from Noelville. Both classes will be delivered via Otn to distant sites in Ontario.

Mindfulness Matters (Drop-in Maintenance classes) are weekly on Thursdays from 1530 to 1630 and welcomes participants who have completed at least one level 1 class. This session is offered in Noelville at the Sudbury East CHC and joins with many Ontario sites by Otn.

Course materials can be purchased from (1 book Mindfulness Solution to Pain, and 5 meditation CDs or digital downloads and optional Level 1 and 2 workbook www.neuronovacentre.com. You can view or sign up for the NeuroNova Centre electronic Newsletter on the website for book reviews and articles related to mindfulness and meditation. Referral forms are available on this website as well as course information for participants and poster.

Alumni of our courses (MBCPM) have reported these results:

 Greater acceptance of change   | Taking less medication    | Felt lighter and smiling more    | were better able to slow down    |    More productive    |    Found my place in life    |    Less reactive    |    More conscious living    |    More aware   | Less negative    |    Relationships do not define me    |    Make time for myself    |    More self-acceptance    | Less judgmental

*Particularly difficult feelings may come up during these sessions, and participants need to seek counselling help through their family physician, other primary care providers or existing therapist if this should arise.

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