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Depression and Anxiety : Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Education Group

Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM

Depression & Anxiety: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group / Educataion Group

This is a 12 week treatment group for individuals , 16 years of age or older with Major Depression Disorder or Generalized Anxiety condition (excessive, uncontrollable worry)

Cognitive Behavoiiur Therapy is a structure, timelimited and present focused counseling approach that will help you realize that you can influence how you feel by changing problematic thoughts and behaviours.

This group will help you:

  • Achieve a better understanding of your mood & worry problems
  • Increase your self awareness about houw your mood and worry impacts on your thoughts, feelings, body sensations & behaviours
  • Learn to apply mindfulness strategies to reduce worry & be more present and focus
  • Learn behavioural strategies that include activity scheduling and problem solving
  • Learn how to positively influence your mood by identifying & changing unhelpful thoughts and beleifs

REFERRAL and DETERMINING ELIGIBILITY for the GROUP: You can refer yourself or your clinician can refer you by sending a referral to Central Intack for Sudbry East Services

SECHC St.Charles site
1 King Street
P0M 2W0
705-867-0095 Toll free 1-888-808-7580
Contact To register :Central Intake : 705-523-4988 ext. 4221 Fax: 705-523-7322
For more information : 705-867-5234