Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Committed to helping you, your family and our community to choose healthier foods.

The way we eat has a great impact on our health. However, eating well can be overwhelming. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be complicated. Our dietitian can help you to determine your nutritional needs, and then guide you in making gradual changes adapted to your lifestyle in order to achieve a healthier you.

Individual Counseling

Available to all SECHC clients – The dietitian can book individual appointments to support healthy eating for a variety of dietary needs such as diabetes, weight management, heart health, pregnancy, growth and development for children and many other dietary requirements.

Group Nutrition Programs

Available to all SECHC community members - The dietitian offers programs for a variety of groups within the Sudbury East area. The aim of these programs is to promote healthy eating and the management of diseases through nutrition education, skill building, and hands-on activities. The dietitian may be available on request to visit the community’s groups to deliver educational presentations on healthy eating.

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